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February-April 2021

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This is a case study for one of our clients, on whose behalf we worked, and we were unable to bring reasonable purchase costs.
✅ The niche in which the client is active is women’s jewelry. For 2 years, the client made his own ads on Facebook, until he reached the point where he did not know what to do, because the acquisition costs increased and the profit margin decreased, because he invested a lot money in online marketing, and due to ongoing updates on Facebook, it failed to complete.
✅ After he came to us, and we analyzed the account, we tried to see what strategy he used the client, trying to optimize what was ongoing. Results started to come in, however, unfortunately, the acquisition cost remained very high. We asked the customer to make quality content; invested money in 2 videos for split-testing, and we started making our strategy, where we use:
– 1 x Engagement Campaign
– 1 x Video Views Campaign
– 1 x Conversion Campaign
As you can see from the printscreen, I got a lot of add to carts, but very few sales, at a huge cost.
✅ During this time, the client started to change the theme of the website, trying different methods, to to be able to optimize the customer experience on his website.
✅ In conclusion, we were unable to maintain a reasonable purchase cost as we received a lot of add to cart (and those at a fairly high cost), yet very few sales.
✅ The third month I tried to do carousel ads, but still got much higher costs . I followed the UTMs, the website speed was about 5 seconds, the website optimization was pretty good, around 70 score on google page score.
This whole period was between February and April 2021.

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