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Ianuarie, 2022

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Here is an overview of a case study from January, 2022


Hello! Long time, no post… .so I decided to come back with a case study on Google ads in the “most” niche in Romania – Women Fashion

👨‍💻 I know there are complaints that Facebook does not deliver, and so on, we know about that, and yes, we have problems on certain accounts, however, on certain accounts, which remained stable on the winning strategy (and did not change things non-stop after they found the winning option), I did not encounter so many problems.

✔️ Don’t get me wrong, you always need to test, but sometimes when you find the winning version, you need to stick with it, during in which things go more smoothly overall.

✔️ The account is not new, and a lot of money has been invested in Facebook, which has helped us a lot! How? Well, we did the google setup long before we started Google (including the smart list and the audiences). But more precisely, how did it help us?… We were able to start from scratch with Smart Campaigns, which actually broke from the first.

✔️As you can see smart shopping sells detached as volume. 268 sales at a cost of 16.8 lei, followed by guess what? Brand protect, with a cost of 6.49 lei. We have an ongoing DSA campaign, the one with a very high cost, of 125 lei, but its purpose is to find new keywords that we can use later in brand protect (There are wrong variations of the brand name written on Google) or in another search campaign. The last campaign is a Smart campaign, with a cost of 5.18 lei.

✔️ Roas is huge.
6030 RON lei ~ 1219 Euro invested – 92647 lei sales ~ 18730 Euro… well we can say that the account is going quite well.

✔️Sometimes honestly, you don’t need 20 campaigns to” break “with an account (although we also have accounts with over 30 ongoing campaigns)
An extremely important note – the customer no longer sells in the way he sold 1 year ago. He adapted his sales system and strategy to what is going on NOW, and not “5 years ago I was selling like this”. In 2022, you need to adapt, if you want to succeed!

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