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November, 2021

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Here is an overview of a case study from Black Friday: November 10-14, 2021.

Ads budget spent
6,523 RON Google, 28,449 RON Facebook = & gt; RON 34,972 Total
Sales 2107 – sales value – 628,592 RON with an AOV of 298 RON, and a ROAS of x17.9, Niche – Beauty

Well, although it is a longer period on some accounts, to achieve such results, it was a lot of work. You cannot achieve such results with a business that does not have a medium and long term vision. The brand is not new to the market, and the owner has invested considerable amounts in the development and image of the brand, not limited to the idea that “everything comes down to just some ad campaigns”.

Personally, I’ve been talking a lot about this lately: Your business is at a certain level, because YOU, as a business owner, are at a certain level in your mindset.

What strategy did I use?


We used aggressively the fact that it is an established brand, and that it is # 1 in its niche, this helped us a lot in the conversion rate. The brand name is used everywhere. On COLD we pushed big budgets on the lowest cost and bid cap (bully), although contrary to expectations as BF we push a lot on retarget, not here we used COLD because the brand is # 1. Overall on cold I had a frequency of 3+, which is “abnormal” for a long time for COLD, but… who cares? As long as it sells profitably, it doesn’t matter!


Smart shopping and Brand Protect campaigns sold best, as expected. Smart Shopping with a cost of approximately 8 lei, and Brand Protect with 0.88 lei. YES, with 88 money! Why? Because the customer has invested heavily in his brand. Brand power also helps you a lot in your Ads campaigns. It also has written blog posts, DSAs and dynamic remarketing on everything on the website with a breakdown on each product category.

All I wanted to show you through this case study is that: you can make a lot of money in Romania as well, but for that you have to invest $$$ in YOU and THE BRAND to have a medium and long term business vision and not one like “sales yesterday” / “become a millionaire overnight”. As an agency we fully understand the idea of ​​cash flow. Cashflow is the blood of business, which keeps you alive, and it really bites us when our account doesn’t work.

P.S. Not all accounts in our agency have sold as well since Black Friday. There are accounts and accounts!