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July, 2021

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I present the following case study on the Auto niche
In July 2021, the client invested 1093 RON and sold 56906 RON , with an average CPP of 5 lei and an average ROAS of x 52. I had several projects in the car niche. What I noticed is that Facebook sells overall at a lower cost than google, although, in theory, google should sell better, however Facebook has a pool of pretty good people for Auto. If you sit and think …. everyone is displaying their cars on Facebook, not Google.
The strategy used was:
1.x Catalog sales – all products
1 x The segmented campaign by car brands started once we were sure that the general one brought sales every day, stable, at a very low cost
Although we have some excellent costs on segmented campaigns, the overall catalog went much better, having very good volume and costs.
Currently, we have launched a LOOKALIKE audience campaign on purchase. This campaign is being tested in order to garner a winning audience for future scaling.
✅ What we noticed is that, in general on accounts with many products, they go very well dynamic catalogs with all products.

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